Monday, May 6, 2013

Where Has the Diva Gone

So I have recently had a few people ask where I have gone. Have I decided to stop making my jewelry? Have I decided to close up shop? Well I am here to answer your questions and let you know what is going on with this Diva.

I am not going to stop making my jewelry, although I have taken a step back for a bit. Some of it is life getting in the way, some of it is base pieces not being available and some of it are my own demons. I went to a show back in February, which I enjoyed very much and made some great new friends, but while there I had another artist deem my items "ok for a beginner" and "not worth much" while patrons claimed my prices were to high for my items. I had many a person try and haggle with me over the price of an item as if we were at a garage sale. And my ego and self-esteem took a hit. I started questioning if my things were good enough, am I actually talented enough to make this work as a successful business? Yes even the Diva struggles with these issues. But after stepping away and looking at things I have to say I just can't give it up. Whether I am able to make this business successful or I just do it on the side and sell here and there I love what I do and will continue. I have so many new pieces in my minds eye and now need to get some time to sit down and actually make them. Which brings me to the other reason I have been absent.
Cripple Creek, CO

My family and I are planning a huge move in less than one month. We are moving from the Colorado Rockies to the North Carolina Smokey Mountains.

I have been working hard to sort through a house of stuff, a house that we have lived in for over 10 years, so we don't take stuff we don't need or want. I have started the process of packing up our lives here so that we can start there. It's an exciting time for my family and I and one that we are all looking forward to. We look forward to new adventures and getting lost in new places. 

So what does all this mean for Divina Diva Designs? Well for starters it means a huge sale!! To help with moving costs and to help move less I am having a 25% off sale on everything currently in my store. As usual this will not include custom orders.
Etsy Store Sale
 Just enter Divina25 at checkout. Then I will put the store on vacation while we make our trek to our new home. Once we are moved I plan on having brand new items ready to go and some new fun items as well. Watch for colored steampunk pieces and wire wrapped emeralds and other precious stones. I am hoping to be back at full operation by mid June.

So many new adventures for this Diva and I hope you all stick around for the ride :-). 

Creative Blessings