Monday, May 6, 2013

Where Has the Diva Gone

So I have recently had a few people ask where I have gone. Have I decided to stop making my jewelry? Have I decided to close up shop? Well I am here to answer your questions and let you know what is going on with this Diva.

I am not going to stop making my jewelry, although I have taken a step back for a bit. Some of it is life getting in the way, some of it is base pieces not being available and some of it are my own demons. I went to a show back in February, which I enjoyed very much and made some great new friends, but while there I had another artist deem my items "ok for a beginner" and "not worth much" while patrons claimed my prices were to high for my items. I had many a person try and haggle with me over the price of an item as if we were at a garage sale. And my ego and self-esteem took a hit. I started questioning if my things were good enough, am I actually talented enough to make this work as a successful business? Yes even the Diva struggles with these issues. But after stepping away and looking at things I have to say I just can't give it up. Whether I am able to make this business successful or I just do it on the side and sell here and there I love what I do and will continue. I have so many new pieces in my minds eye and now need to get some time to sit down and actually make them. Which brings me to the other reason I have been absent.
Cripple Creek, CO

My family and I are planning a huge move in less than one month. We are moving from the Colorado Rockies to the North Carolina Smokey Mountains.

I have been working hard to sort through a house of stuff, a house that we have lived in for over 10 years, so we don't take stuff we don't need or want. I have started the process of packing up our lives here so that we can start there. It's an exciting time for my family and I and one that we are all looking forward to. We look forward to new adventures and getting lost in new places. 

So what does all this mean for Divina Diva Designs? Well for starters it means a huge sale!! To help with moving costs and to help move less I am having a 25% off sale on everything currently in my store. As usual this will not include custom orders.
Etsy Store Sale
 Just enter Divina25 at checkout. Then I will put the store on vacation while we make our trek to our new home. Once we are moved I plan on having brand new items ready to go and some new fun items as well. Watch for colored steampunk pieces and wire wrapped emeralds and other precious stones. I am hoping to be back at full operation by mid June.

So many new adventures for this Diva and I hope you all stick around for the ride :-). 

Creative Blessings

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentines Day Giveaway

This is one of my favorite things to do, a giveaway!! I love to make my loyal customers and supporters happy. And I just love to give :-).

So here it is another giveaway and this one perfect for valentines day.

So stop by my facebook page and be sure to enter for your chance to win this beautiful key necklace:
The necklace is 20 inches long and made with pink catseye, rose quarts beads and copper accents. Be sure to go up to the giveaway tab and enter before February 14th

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Interview with Wildflowers Jewelry

Today my interview is with Marisa from Wildflowers Jewelry. Marisa is one of those beautiful souls that you find yourself blessed to know and her jewelry carries that same energy. She is an amazing upcycled artist that has some gorgeous and unique pieces. I find her pieces call to me and know that I will own a few others in the future. 
Tell us a bit about yourself:
I am 36 years old and have lived in Colorado for four years now.  I was born and raised in New Orleans but am proud to call Manitou Springs my home away from home.  I work at Adam’s Mountain CafĂ© part time.  I have a very supportive boyfriend and am the proud adopted mother of a very large calico kitty named Kristy.  She was most definitely high society in a past life but is also a very affectionate cuddlier.  I love reading, gardening, singing jazz standards at the kitchen sink, and studying anything related to flowers and herbs.

 What inspired you to become an artist? 
I think from the time I was very young, I’ve had a creative imagination.  When I began learning about plants and natural medicines in my early twenties, I got re-inspired by the incredible beauty and energy of nature. Also around the same time I became fascinated by properties of different stones and the use of prayer beads in nearly every spiritual practice.  I began beading because it was very calming to me, like a meditation.  I started searching for a way to combine these two interests which led me to experimenting with resin as a means to preserve botanical specimens.

Who is another artist that you admire?  
That’s a really tough question because I admire so many.  I would say, iconically, Alphonse Mucha.  His use of color and art deco design really appeal to me.  The way he portrayed women as goddesses is timeless.  I also love the gorgeous children’s book illustrations of Arthur Rackham.   On a local level, I really admire the work of Audrey Gray ( She uses various earth elements as color pigments in her paintings and they just seem to glow with life.

Where does your inspiration come from?  
Colors, patterns, vintage illustrations, and the rich culture of New Orleans all inspire me.   I truly love finding architectural beauty in the veins of a teeny tiny leaf or flower or piece of bark.  If I can communicate a feeling of an entire forest with one leaf it makes me really happy.  However I also enjoy taking something we see every day and representing it in a way that makes us appreciate a different aspect of its form, such as in the abstract shape of a seed pod.  I suppose in creating a piece of wearable art, I’m trying to pay homage to moments of perfect balance in Nature that people can carry with them as their own inspiration.

What is your favorite book?  
I have always been enthralled by fairy tales and mythology and am fascinated by the parallels in stories of different cultures.  “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass had a huge impact on my approach to life, as did “The Secret Life of Plants”.  I am also a huge fan of anything by Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Robbins, and Paul Coehlo. 

What is your favorite piece, and why?  
One of my favorite pieces is “Daydream Believer” which has a purple wildflower and dried seeded grass over a piece of upcycled calendar.  I feel it evokes a whole scene with just three components.  I am also slightly enamored with my Feather Heart necklace.  The natural heart formation in the feather is something I’ve never seen before.  It is a departure from my usual style in that it possesses a harder edge than some of my more feminine styles.  The final product is a result of a happy accident which opened me up to whole realm of design ideas.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 
 I read and watch a little television.  I totally nerd out to my favorite shows Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time.  Going on a hike to collect leaves and flowers always sounds like a good idea to me.  I also truly love music and very easily can get lost in a song.

Where would you like to be in five years?  
I would like to expand my creative interests to other forms of visual art.  I would also like to have a degree of some kind that would enable me to delve into ethnobotany, which is the study of how different cultures use their local plantlife for food, medicine, clothing and shelter.

Links to facebook page and etsy site: 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting to Know Me :-)

So while I am waiting for another of the artists that I have asked to do an interview with I decided that I would do one on me :-). I figured everyone might like to know a little bit more about me and see what makes me tick ;-). So here you go.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Well lets see. . . hmmm. . . I’m 37, a wife to 3 mostly wonderful children, ages 20, 15 and 9, and wife to one incredible man for 16 years. I am a light worker and earth witch. Though I do not claim Wicca as my own I do incorporated a lot of their beliefs. Mainly, and harm none. I love to act, sing, read, garden and of course create ;-).


What inspired you to become an artist?

I have always been an artist with my music and acting but when it came to drawing or painting I couldn't do either to save my life. Then one day I decided to try my hand at beading. I was shown a few basics and something just clicked. It felt right and I started having all these ideas of things I could create and how they would look. And to my surprise 99% of the things I tried turned out exactly how I had pictured them. I knew I had found my art J.

Me and Morgan in Laundry and Bourbon
Who is another artist that you admire?

There are so many artists that I admire. Van Gogh is one of the ones I admire most. Starry Night just speaks to me. At the same time I love newer artists like Bill Duryea, , his trees are absolutely amazing. Molly Harrison does the most beautiful drawings of fairies, witches and angels, . I admire glass artists, jewelry artists, singers, actors, pretty much anyone that creates art.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I get my inspiration from everywhere!!! It can be as simple as walking down an isle in a store or as much as taking a trip looking for inspiration. I see beauty and art all around me and I love to incorporate it. With my witches ladders and Trees I love to use the properties of the stones and allow them to tell me where they want to be.

What is your favorite book?

I’m not real deep here. I mainly read for personal enjoyment. But I love to read so I don’t think I could pick just one book. Two of my favorite authors are Kim Harrison (The Rachel Morgan Series) and Catherine Anderson (Annie’s Song). I love an author who can make you laugh or cry. One who can make the ordinary extraordinary.  

What is your favorite piece, and why?

I love every piece I create but there are some that are harder to let go than others. If I had to choose I think I could narrow it down to 2 pieces. The first is the Aquamarine Mermaid Witches Ladder. This piece just has such a great and calming energy that I love having it around. Not to mention the colors of this piece are amazingly beautiful. The second piece that I would have to choose is Rose and Gear Steampunk Necklace. I love the difference between soft and hard. Contrast has always called to me and this piece is a good representation of that.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Most days in my spare time you will either find me playing Mass Effect 3 with friends or hanging with my family watching shows like The Big Bang Theory. I love to read at least an hour in the evenings before bed while listening to Pandora. And once a year you will find me on The Butte Stage acting in one of their community theater shows or coaching basketball for Parks and Rec. I really don’t like being bored so am constantly doing something.

Where would you like to be in five years?

In 5 years I would love to be living in Asheville, NC and making a full living from my jewelry line and to see my husband be able to write as his full time job. I want to be able to take real vacations and travel the world finding new inspiration where ever I go. But mostly I just want to be happy where ever I am.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Interview With Shark Hat Cafe

Today my interview is with Catherine from Shark Hat Cafe. I have to tell you I was so excited to do this interview because I find Catherine's pieces so unique and I wanted to find out how she found her inspiration. What makes her tick lol. Besides being a truly, in my opinion, unique and very talented artist, Catherine is by far one of the most beautiful souls I have had the pleasure of meeting. I am also proud to say that I own one of her amazing pieces and look forward to owning more. I truly hope you enjoy learning more about Catherine as I did. 

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Well, first and foremost, I’m mom to the best two kids in the world (in my opinion, of course) and wife to the best husband in the world (again, my own humble opinion).  I can be a joker at times- I love playing pranks on my kids.  I enjoy and appreciate satire in all forms, and absolutely hate doing what everyone else is doing just because everyone else is doing it. 
Catherine and her son 
Catherine and her daughter

What inspired you to become an artist?

While I've always been artistically inclined, I decided to produce items for sale in 2010.  My original intentions were to make money to help pay for my daughter’s college expenses, but I realized that art (for me, anyway) is incredibly healing.  It helped me to channel the mental chaos in my life into something productive. 

Who is another artist that you admire?

I admire so many!  Michelangelo wasn't just a painter and sculptor- he also made statements with his art. Leonardo was an inventor, as well as an artist.  Picasso helped start a movement that not only changed the art world, but also the way people view life.  In addition to the “traditional” masters, I also like artists who usually don’t come to mind when people think of art.  People like:  Dave Berg, Al Jaffee, and Don Martin (all writers and artists from Mad in the 70s and 80s),  Nobuhiro Watsuki, Yuu Watase, and Rumiko Takahashi (manga writers and artists), and finally, Todd MacFarlane (he took the American comic book industry to another level). 

What is your favorite piece from Michelangelo?? What speaks to you the most??

 The piece that speaks the most to me (and is my favorite) is “ The Last Judgement.”  The whole thing is a story unto itself- you really need to look at every single individual picture to understand and appreciate what’s going on.  I guess this just kind of puts how I feel inside most of the time into a visual.  Besides that, he depicts terror, bodily harm, and agony in a sacred place.  I respect that- a lot. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

Life!  Many of my design ideas, believe it or not, come from nature.  I have several calendars with nature photography- I derive (and then manipulate) patterns from butterfly wings, leaf veins, and even dog fur.  I even sometimes choose colors for my items based on what I look at that day.  Another source of inspiration for me is my trusty A & P (anatomy and physiology) book, “Maritini’s Atlas of the Human Body.”  Most people find the human body and its organs a little disgusting to use as art.  My view, however, is that it’s beautiful!  My interest right now lies in the organs and muscles because like gears in a clock, wires in a robot, and programming in a computer, that’s what makes us “work.”  Why not celebrate that?

What is your favorite book?

I have several: 

Workin’ It! by RuPaul (Sometimes a bit too much personal information, but overall, a must for anyone who needs a pick-me-up and common sense advice about self esteem!)
Disney’s Wonderful World of Knowledge books (I can’t remember what volume it was, but one of them had a section on mythical creatures, specifically, unicorns.  There was a picture of one that mesmerized me.  I drew that picture over and over and over until I got it right!  I must have been about 8, maybe 10 years old.  That was my first serious venture into freehand drawing.)
Aesop’s Fables (My grandma had a copy with beautiful pictures in it- I’d read it almost every month.)
Mad (I don’t remember the titles, but they were compilations.  I used to have frequent, horrible nightmares as a child.  The only thing that could get my mind off my terror was reading these books, even though I didn't get the humor since they were my father’s.)
Far Side Gallery (Same reason, only I read these as a teenager.  I still have these books!)
Rurouni Kenshin, Fushigi Yugi, Ceres, and InuYasha (These are mangas- Japanese comics translated into American.  The stories are adventure, romance, and comedy all wrapped up in drawings.  What more can you ask for?)

What is your favorite piece, and why?

My favorite piece, right now, anyway, is my Facehugger and Alien egg ornament (for those of you who may not be familiar with sci-fi movies, a Facehugger is an alien/monster from the Alien movie franchise). It took me quite a long time to complete, but I’m pretty proud of the way it turned out!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I have a few spare moments, you can find me:
gaming:  I’m a big geek and proud of it!  writing:  I've actually written (but not published) a few mangas, screenplays, and short stories.  and/or:  watching shows on the Science channel and coming up with my own theories about scientific principles and anomalies, questions concerning personality and psyche, and historical events (seriously!).

 Which Games are your favorites?

My number one favorite game of all time is Fable, but I also enjoy Pokemon Puzzle League, Bust a Move 2, Baldur’s Gate, Champions of Norath, Overlord, Naughty Bear, Diner Dash, and Cake Mania.  Most recently, my son got me into playing Halo.  I’m guessing that, much like for the guys on Big Bang Theory, Wednesday night will be Halo night! 

Where would you like to be in five years?

Like most people, I’d like to be a bazillionaire jet setting around the world in five years, but in case that’s not in the cards for me, I’d love to be a well-respected and renowned artist (who also brings in bucks!). 

Thanks so much for letting me share all this with you!

C. Evans