Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Colorado Wildfires

So I have had a lot of ideas of blog posts I want to do and have even tried to start a few in the last couple days but unfortunately I don't get very far. The Colorado wildfires have been taking a lot of my time and energy as of course I live in Colorado and currently the Waldo Canyon Fire is 29 miles from our town. 

I don't think that we are in any danger other than from smoke but the thought is still there. I watched as my home town of Colorado Springs started burning last night as the fire went from 5600 acres to over 15000 in less than a few hours. If it can happen there it can happen anywhere. And with people running around and setting fires intentionally it makes one even more nervous. 

I think one of the hardest things for me though is sitting in my home and watching and not being able to do anything. As a first responder for over 4 years it is killing me to just sit here. I should be out there doing something even if I am that person victims can vent to because I understand why they are doing so. 

So please bare with me. I will be back, I haven't forgotten about my blog or my store. I am just overwhelmed right now.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

How I Got Started

I get asked a lot about how I got started designing meditation beads and my other pretties. This is how lol . . . . 
I never really thought of myself as a creative person. I could sing and I loved to act but as far as creating pieces of art? I couldn't draw or paint to save my life as my two best friends in high school could. I can't put pen to paper and turn it into a wonderful story or adventure as my husband can. I tried my hand at several different crafts and nothing ever seemed to really strike the right cord with me. Until one day a friend of mine  introduced me to the wonderful and colorful world of beads. 

At first I was just in heaven from all the different colors and textures not really sure what to do. After a while there were all these ideas flooding my head. I couldn't start making things fast enough. I couldn't have enough variety of beads and findings. 

I started by making what I like to call window pretties. I would sit down and look at what I had available to me and the piece would start putting itself together in my head. Sometimes figuring out the logistics of a piece I had in my head was a little difficult but I always came away with something new and interesting. My dining room windows are now covered in window pretties ;-). 

 Next to come was my meditation beads. Again a friend had shown me this beautiful idea.  And this is where I feel I truly found my inner creative diva. It was like I was compelled to make them. All I had to do was glance at beads and the strand comes together. It was fantastic. I was creative!!! I had found my niche in the creative world. It was exhilarating. And I just had to do more.

Then the first ever chandelier I designed for my daughter. It was a fun project that I thought my daughter would enjoy having in here room. A little bit of whimsy. After it was all said and done I learned a lot of what I should and shouldn't do lol. The project stayed with me and I started looking at ways to refine it and make it better. And it finally came. I love the new pieces I have and the new ones to come in this category. They are time consuming projects but also so much fun to design and put together. And I love the light and beauty that they bring to a room or outdoor space.

And finally (for now) there are my earrings. This is something that came to me while working with wire on one of my chandelier pieces. I started playing around with the wires and my earrings were born. I have 2 styles at present but am working on several more designs currently. I am really excited to add these to my collections and hope that others love them as much as I do.

So there you have it. How I came to be a beader :-). I love what I do and hope others will love it as well. I hope with my meditation beads and chandeliers they find the peace and joy owning them that I find in creating them. 

Happy Beading :-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Divina Diva

Divina Diva Designs
The Divina Diva is a divine woman who creates divine designs using a delightful assortment of beads.  As a spider weaves a web of beauty, the Divina Diva beads a web of intricate designs made to soothe the soul.

At an early age, the Divina Diva was a child.  She did many childlike things.  Even though those days are over, she still occasionally does things that a child would approve of.

As a young adult, the Divina Diva began exploring her divineness.  It came naturally to her and she reveled in the wondrous joy of it all.  Many life experiences have honed that divineness into an elegant force that must be expressed.

Of all the Divine creations brought into the world, her three beauteous children are the most divine.  Although they rarely behave as divinely as they should, she loves them with all her heart.  She also has a divine husband to blame all of their undivine moments on.

The divine art of beading was introduced to the Divine Diva by a friend.  Since then, it has become a passion that has filled her soul and heart.  Mostly her soul, because her heart is crowded with blood while her soul is infinite.

Meditation beads, jewelry and beaded chandeliers are her favorite things to make, though she always keeps an eye out for new inspirations.  The Divine Diva truly hopes you enjoy her crafts and may your life be as divine as hers.