Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting to Know Me :-)

So while I am waiting for another of the artists that I have asked to do an interview with I decided that I would do one on me :-). I figured everyone might like to know a little bit more about me and see what makes me tick ;-). So here you go.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Well lets see. . . hmmm. . . I’m 37, a wife to 3 mostly wonderful children, ages 20, 15 and 9, and wife to one incredible man for 16 years. I am a light worker and earth witch. Though I do not claim Wicca as my own I do incorporated a lot of their beliefs. Mainly, and harm none. I love to act, sing, read, garden and of course create ;-).


What inspired you to become an artist?

I have always been an artist with my music and acting but when it came to drawing or painting I couldn't do either to save my life. Then one day I decided to try my hand at beading. I was shown a few basics and something just clicked. It felt right and I started having all these ideas of things I could create and how they would look. And to my surprise 99% of the things I tried turned out exactly how I had pictured them. I knew I had found my art J.

Me and Morgan in Laundry and Bourbon
Who is another artist that you admire?

There are so many artists that I admire. Van Gogh is one of the ones I admire most. Starry Night just speaks to me. At the same time I love newer artists like Bill Duryea,  http://duryeafineart.com/ , his trees are absolutely amazing. Molly Harrison does the most beautiful drawings of fairies, witches and angels, http://www.mollyharrisonart.com/ . I admire glass artists, jewelry artists, singers, actors, pretty much anyone that creates art.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I get my inspiration from everywhere!!! It can be as simple as walking down an isle in a store or as much as taking a trip looking for inspiration. I see beauty and art all around me and I love to incorporate it. With my witches ladders and Trees I love to use the properties of the stones and allow them to tell me where they want to be.

What is your favorite book?

I’m not real deep here. I mainly read for personal enjoyment. But I love to read so I don’t think I could pick just one book. Two of my favorite authors are Kim Harrison (The Rachel Morgan Series) and Catherine Anderson (Annie’s Song). I love an author who can make you laugh or cry. One who can make the ordinary extraordinary.  

What is your favorite piece, and why?

I love every piece I create but there are some that are harder to let go than others. If I had to choose I think I could narrow it down to 2 pieces. The first is the Aquamarine Mermaid Witches Ladder. This piece just has such a great and calming energy that I love having it around. Not to mention the colors of this piece are amazingly beautiful. The second piece that I would have to choose is Rose and Gear Steampunk Necklace. I love the difference between soft and hard. Contrast has always called to me and this piece is a good representation of that.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Most days in my spare time you will either find me playing Mass Effect 3 with friends or hanging with my family watching shows like The Big Bang Theory. I love to read at least an hour in the evenings before bed while listening to Pandora. And once a year you will find me on The Butte Stage acting in one of their community theater shows or coaching basketball for Parks and Rec. I really don’t like being bored so am constantly doing something.

Where would you like to be in five years?

In 5 years I would love to be living in Asheville, NC and making a full living from my jewelry line and to see my husband be able to write as his full time job. I want to be able to take real vacations and travel the world finding new inspiration where ever I go. But mostly I just want to be happy where ever I am.


  1. Gorgeous Interview, thank you so much for sharing with us a little about who you are. That is priceless. Happy New Year to you and your family and all the best to you and your shop :)

  2. nice to meet you! dropping by from shareholic :)

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