Monday, November 26, 2012

Interview with MK Beckley

 Today's interview is with MK Beckley from Magical Monk Bags. She is a incredible artist with a deep passion about life. I admire her spirit and craft and look forward to owning one of her pieces myself in the near future. I hope you find her as inspiring as I do :-).

Tell us a bit about yourself: 
     I am 42 almost 43 self-employed production artist living happily in Missouri with my husband and two cats.

MK Beckley 
What inspired you to become an artist? 
ART inspired to become a artist. I love all forms of art. It’s like a language all of its own.

Full Moon Owl on Cream Magical Monk Bag

Who is another artist that you admire? 
Besides my Husband Peter Beckley, Mickie Muller, Amy Brown. Tula Pink, the classic artist Monet, Van Gogh

© Peter Beckley
© Mickie Muller

© Tula Pink 

Where does your inspiration come from? 
Colors and patterns, if the colors go with a pattern then I must put them together.

Triquetra with Ivy Messenger Monk Sling Bag Purse Purple and Tan

What is your favorite book? 
The Mist of Avalon

What is your favorite piece, and why?
Winter Wolfs in Ink, it’s the piece of art I bought online many years ago, I ended up meeting and marring the artist.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Spare time what’s that? …. When I do have a few minutes I like to watch TV shows with my husband play with my grandchildren or cats, read, or just sit in a hot bath tub and do nothing.

Where would you like to be in five years? 
In five years I would like to have a cottage deep in the woods, surrounds with veggie gardens, and a little building off to the side where I can follow my passion for art quilts and embroidery. I would also like to build a cat sanctuary where returnable TNR cats can live their days in peace, and female cats capture for TNR that are with kittens can have their litter then be fixed, returned are stay. I would also adopt out the kittens and or have adoptions of working barn cats.

Tiny Battle Cat

You can find MK and all of her wonderful creations on Etsy:

Or Facebook:

And find Peter Beckley at:

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