Friday, October 19, 2012

What the Hell is a Witches Ladder

What the hell is a Witches Ladder?? I get asked this all the time. So I thought I would make a short blog post about it :-).

Depending on which site you check you find that a traditional Witches Ladder is made from 3 cords, feathers and a series of knots. There are usually 9, 13, or 40 knots in a witches ladder. These witches ladders were used for spell casting with certain spells being woven into the ladder. 

In more recent years it has taken on a different meaning. According to the Llewellyn Encyclopedia the modern withes ladder is used to keep track of chanting or meditation.

My witches ladders are made with beads and wire instead of rope and feathers. I do say a charm/prayer over them before I put them together and one as I put the last piece together. Unless otherwise asked the charm is for peace and calm. All of my ladders are made with a calm and peaceful energy. If the energy or my attitude are not right well then I don't create one that day. If asked I will do a charm for protection, unconditional love, peace, patience or any number of other things. The one thing I will not do is any dark charms so don't ask ;-). An harm none remember.

I truly believe that what a witches ladder means and represents depends on the person buying the piece. I have had customers buy the 9 or 13 strands and hang them on their rear view mirror for protection. I have had others that hang theirs in their windows of their homes, while others carry then in their pockets. 

This last one is my personal pair. It is made with Amethyst and Fluorite and the charms peace and protection. I use it in my meditations, and wear it as a bracelet while I craft other pieces for my shop to help with energy. I am almost never without it and find it makes a great fashion accessory ;-). My hope is that others will find theirs just as special and meaningful. 

I hope this clears up some confusion ;-). And remember I can always custom make one in colors and stones of your choosing.

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