Thursday, September 13, 2012

Advice: Do We Take It or Leave It??

I recently had a lot of people go over and look at my store and tell me what they thought. What could I improve upon and what worked. I got a lot of great feedback and am still working on implementing a lot of it (don't worry I haven't forgotten your idea lol). I also got a few ideas that bothered me a bit and got me to thinking. In particular this one:  when I pay for wire wrapped pendants I look for clean "Tucked" ends, I saw a few photos where the ends where kinda sticking out. I favorite one, I liked it, and was going to buy it till I saw the end piece pointing out. Now don't get me wrong I do very much value this persons opinion and they had a lot of great ideas that I have since put into effect but this one really got me thinking.

I pulled out the piece she was speaking of so I could "fix" it and instead found myself staring at it thinking "I don't wanna". So why the hesitation? Why didn't I want to fix it? Well that answer was in something else this brilliant person said: ART, ART, ART, you are making Art, not common jewelry, use it, wearable art is a big thing in the etsy world, one of a kind pieces. And that is what stopped me from changing this piece. It was my ART!! I made this piece this way for a reason. I love the look of hard versus soft. Straight versus round. And you will see this a lot in my work. I know it is not for everyone but I do believe that each piece will find its proper home.

I do still have a lot to learn when it comes to making my jewelry and no advice goes unheard. While I didn't change this piece it has made me have a more critical eye towards my other pieces and pieces I am currently working on. I want others to like it as well. And I want them to like it enough to buy it ;-). 

So Advice do we take it or leave it? I say we should always take it. At least hear it. While it may not work for that exact situation it may work for another. I always love any advice given to me. Especially if it helps me to become a better person or in this case a better artist.

Love, light and creative blessings!
-:¦:- Tracy

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