Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to Make a Lighting Box

So I have now made three Lighting Boxes. The first I made for a business partnership that didn't work out and she got custody of the box, the second I left out in the rain compliments of fibro fog and this one is my third. So I thought that this time I would just write the instructions out so others can make one too. So here goes:

Step 1. Gather materials

For this project you will need 
1 box
box cutter
3 pieces of tissue paper
1 piece poster board
marker or pen
1 ruler
scotch tape

Step 2. 
Cut flaps off the top of the box (without removing a finger hehe)

Set the flaps aside as you will need them later

Step 3.
Choose three sides that you will be making into "windows"
On each side measure in two inches on all four sides and mark it

After you makes your marks play connect the dots 

Step 4.
Cut out your windows (again don't lose any fingers)

Step 5.
Add tissue paper to all three open sides

I do this by taping down one side and the carefully cut away the excess on the other 3 sides. Once you have done this on all three sides you should have a box that looks like this:

Step 6.
Remember those flaps we set aside earlier? Good :-). Grab the one that is the length of the one side you didn't cut a window in. Then cut a small strip from it and add it to the front of that side to make a small lip.

Step 7.
We are coming to the home stretch baby ;-). It is time to add our poster board. Personally I buy 2 different kinds. The first being white and the second a cream color in case my photos are coming out with a blue tint. You can buy whichever shade works best for you. Anyhow, measure your poster board against your opening and cut accordingly. Then slip the poster board into the box leaving a slight slope.

Step 8.
Add your light and you are ready to rock and roll. I personally use a split lamp with 2 daylight bulbs. I highly recommend the daylight bulbs as it will give you the cleanest light. 
Hope this helps to make awesome pictures!!

Love, Light and Creative Blessings :-)

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  1. Very nice. :) We'll have to try it when you take pics of my books too.