Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Divina Diva

Divina Diva Designs
The Divina Diva is a divine woman who creates divine designs using a delightful assortment of beads.  As a spider weaves a web of beauty, the Divina Diva beads a web of intricate designs made to soothe the soul.

At an early age, the Divina Diva was a child.  She did many childlike things.  Even though those days are over, she still occasionally does things that a child would approve of.

As a young adult, the Divina Diva began exploring her divineness.  It came naturally to her and she reveled in the wondrous joy of it all.  Many life experiences have honed that divineness into an elegant force that must be expressed.

Of all the Divine creations brought into the world, her three beauteous children are the most divine.  Although they rarely behave as divinely as they should, she loves them with all her heart.  She also has a divine husband to blame all of their undivine moments on.

The divine art of beading was introduced to the Divine Diva by a friend.  Since then, it has become a passion that has filled her soul and heart.  Mostly her soul, because her heart is crowded with blood while her soul is infinite.

Meditation beads, jewelry and beaded chandeliers are her favorite things to make, though she always keeps an eye out for new inspirations.  The Divine Diva truly hopes you enjoy her crafts and may your life be as divine as hers.

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