Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Colorado Wildfires

So I have had a lot of ideas of blog posts I want to do and have even tried to start a few in the last couple days but unfortunately I don't get very far. The Colorado wildfires have been taking a lot of my time and energy as of course I live in Colorado and currently the Waldo Canyon Fire is 29 miles from our town. 

I don't think that we are in any danger other than from smoke but the thought is still there. I watched as my home town of Colorado Springs started burning last night as the fire went from 5600 acres to over 15000 in less than a few hours. If it can happen there it can happen anywhere. And with people running around and setting fires intentionally it makes one even more nervous. 

I think one of the hardest things for me though is sitting in my home and watching and not being able to do anything. As a first responder for over 4 years it is killing me to just sit here. I should be out there doing something even if I am that person victims can vent to because I understand why they are doing so. 

So please bare with me. I will be back, I haven't forgotten about my blog or my store. I am just overwhelmed right now.


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